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The region of Tangier-Tetouan is a region situated in the extreme North-West of Morocco. On the global of 11570 Km2, it regroups five provinces and prefectures: Chefchaouen, Fahs Bni Makada, Larache, Tangier-Asilah and Tetouan, and it count much than 2.500.000 inhabitants (210 ha/km2. 5 time much than the national means).

Economically speaking, it is a region which lives a dynamic and important economic fresh start. It is a region much agricultural than tourist and industrial.

On the industrial project, the city of Tangier procures to the region the quality of second industrial pole, after the city of Casablanca, and that thanks to the entry of advantage and trumps which present the region as its infrastructure which are in conformity with the international recommendations: the road network, motorway system, railway, port and airport of high quality, of industrial zones extension on the thousand hectare satisfactory the different needs of operators which are not installed or which desire settle on the north of morocco and promote the capacity of reception of the region of strait. Concurrently, the Moroccan government put in its place the incentive measurements and reconcile the advantage much important to the companies’ installed on Tangier-Tetouan particularly with regard to the fiscal system, and always in the aim to incite the national and foreign investments.

On the agricultural plan, the region profits the several potentiality in the event its useful agriculture area amount to 464.000 ha, its range vary to the type of grounds (Tirs, Dehs, R’mel…), its wealth in useful water for agriculture, its covering vegetable rich and diversified, its ecological diversity (fertile plans, humid zones, coastal zones, mountainous zones), the put in its place of agriculture politics by the State come to reinforce the entry of above mentioned advantages. The other hand, the initiative measurements for foreign investment, announcement of privatization of agricultural grounds, and abundance of qualified agriculture labour, are so much of factors which interest particularly the foreign agricultures.

On the tourist plan, the region is endowed of rich and varied tourist patrimony. The diversity of its geographic relief (beaches, mountains, rivers, hills…), the hospitality and the benevolence of northerner population, its digging in the history, its archaeological and cultural inheritance and historic site, its littoral which spread on two maritime facades, its climate and its harbours of pleasure, its large variety of tourism (tourism, seaside, rural, cultural, mountainous, tourism of business…….) and always the overall efforts of State to promote the northern and national tourism, of advantages which makes the region of Tangier-Asilah a tourist city by excellence ambitioning to present the first seaside destination of Morocco.

On the cultural plan, the city account 18 rooms of cinema (13.000 places), different museums and galleries and the libraries give a much important cultural wealth, the cultural centres, the bazaars of craftsmen……….The efforts of Moroccan and foreign cultural associations play the part primordial to preserve and put value to the cultural inheritance of region of Tangier and to enrich this inheritance and put in contact with the international culture favouring also rich and varied cultural exchange.

Tangier-Tetouan, this African ground found in the point of Africa, it’s a pull of union by excellence between Africa and Europe. This role is due to its sides which allow it to knot its international relations with the whole world. It is regions which takes a bath until the antiquity at sides of the ocean and of the beach and which sunbathe carefully under the two Mediterranean sunbeams. Its emplacement at 14 km only of ancient do of the region a canal of obligatory transition, a Carrefour region on which cross the roads, civilizations, religions, myths and cultures and a circus for a grand number of countries of the world.

It is the region which, for a long time and at the present, fascinates and inspires artists' large number of visitors, travellers and even the simple passengers. Its love is also big to be able to capture the hearts of all its visitors. And the multiplicity of the nicknames that clothe its differences cities is only a simple proof and a reflection of this evident love.
But it happens that we wonder that what is what makes of Tangier-Tetouan such a region of dreams? Obviously, its lovers know well the secret of its attachment towards its. Its irresistible charm, its inexhaustible magic, its inevitable grace, its powerful seduction, its evident magnificence, its agitated peace... All this, give to its love a touch of fate rather than will.
Today, the region lives a littoral takeoff of various dimensions, but without transforming for all that its original and sensational image and its imprint. And with the continuous increase of its population, the region knows a glorious real-estate development. As result, all the northerner’s cities know a tendency to the extension and to the extension aspiring to create the second Moroccan town in the North. The quality and the variety in the region of real estate offer in Tangier-Tetouan are known by the totality of the operators which are installed in the region. Its real estate offer is the measure to satisfy the requirements of all the economic branches, what confers it’s a strong attractiveness seen its respect in the international standards governing the sector of the real estate.

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Apartment for sale in Tangier

Surface: 142 m²
Nbr Pieces: 7
Price: 1 834 250 DH
[≈ 127 378 £]
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Commercial Local for sale in Tangier

Surface: 680 m²
Nbr Pieces: 0
Price: 23 975 000 DH
[≈ 1 664 931 £]
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Apartment for rent in Tangier

Surface: 124 m²
Nbr Pieces: 7
Price: 8 000 DH
[≈ 556 £]
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Apartment for rent in Tangier

Surface: 115 m²
Nbr Pieces: 6
Price: 4 500 DH
[≈ 312 £]
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Apartment for rent in Tetouan

Surface: 120 m²
Nbr Pieces: 7
Price: 4 000 DH
[≈ 278 £]
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